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Efforts to make State a `water power' :Costford

Monday, Apr 19, 2004

THRISSUR, APRIL 18. Kerala can become a `water power' if social organisations, activists, local self-Governments and farmers are mobilised in a big way for water conservation activities such as rainwater harvesting, according to experts. 

Participating in a two-day seminar on water harvesting organised by the Centre for Science and Technology for Rural Development (Costford) here, they said that by building `rain farms' all over the State, Kerala could become a water-surplus State. 

The seminar, which concluded on Saturday, has chalked out State-level programmes for scientific management of water, rainwater harvesting and watershed management. 

The seminar recommended the Government to draft a water policy and form an integrated watershed development programme with the participation of the three-tier local bodies. 

To lead the water conservation activities, a committee has been formed under the leadership of Costford. Social organisations and individuals involved in water harvesting and watershed management activities are members of the committee. 

Costford will organise similar workshops and seminars at various parts of the State to mobilise like-minded organisations and local groups. 

On the second day of the seminar, N. Saifuddin, professor, Kerala Agricultural University, presented a paper on the Natural Resources Information System (NRIS) for watershed management. The paper discussed the use of remote-sensing tools in watershed management. V.A. Sudhakaran, of Costford presented a paper on technical models of rainwater harvesting. T.N. Ramadas, former Assistant Director of Agriculture, presented a paper on rainwater harvesting and watershed management.

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